Joy Proposal Story: Larizza & Rafael


Larizza and Rafael met in May of 2008, when Larizza and her girlfriends went to a local bar for a birthday party. A few mutual friends joined the party, Raf included. Raf and Larizza talked all night. The night got chilly, so Raf, ever the gentleman, offered Larizza his sweater. As the night ended, it […]

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Vendor Spotlight: Liz King Events


What’s the difference between event planning and wedding planning? Who better to ask than an event planner who is planning her own wedding? Meet Liz, the Founder and CEO of Liz King Events, a New York-based event planning company. We asked Liz what lessons she’s learned in her seven years of event planning, how she’s applying […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Samantha & Derrill


Samantha and Derrill met through a mutual friend in college. After a few photos and text messages back and forth, Derrill and Samantha started chatting on the phone. The first time Samantha heard his voice, she asked her friend, “Why is his voice so high?” He explained to her later his voice was so high because of how nervous […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Emily & Kacy


Emily and Kacy met through a dating app that shall go unnamed. (Just kidding—we all know it was Tinder!) After swiping right, they decided to meet at a popular cocktail bar for what was supposed to be a quick drink. But one drink turned into dinner, and dinner turned into six hours of conversation. They had a […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Jennifer & Bradford


Whoever said you can’t find true love on Tinder hasn’t met Jennifer and Bradford. After they swiped right, Brad asked Jennifer if he could call her. Their first phone call lasted over four hours, and they both knew this could be something special. This was back in June 2015—now they’re planning their wedding. Take that, […]

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Decoding Men’s Wedding Ring Trends

Photo Credit: Promise Tangeman

While engagement rings and women’s wedding rings get a lot of attention, bands for men can often get treated as an afterthought. Perhaps because much fewer men tend to wear jewelry on a daily basis, it is generally considered that the simpler the design, the better. With a recent influx of trends and influences, though, […]

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